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Difficult Choices:

Building Taiwan’s Resilience for an Uncertain Future

A Public Forum with Richard Bush

CAPRI’s mission is to enhance global resilience and promote innovative governance by drawing on the experience of the Asia-Pacific region through comparative public policy research.


“The essence of democratic governance is that it remains innovative and resilient throughout time.”

Read CommonWealth Magazine‘s exclusive interview with Syaru Shirley Lin, the founder of CAPRI, on her vision of building this international public policy think tank headquartered in Taiwan to enhance global resilience and promote innovative governance. The report was published on February 10 in Chinese.


Resilience in the Asia Pacific: Vaccines and the “Triple Challenge”

October 2021

A research report published by CAPRI, the Asia-Pacific Hub of the Reform for Resilience Commission. See what 15 leading policy-makers and public health experts had to say about drawing the Asia Pacific experience to better manage and prepare for future pandemics.

CAPRI Internship Program

CAPRI offers students and recent graduates at the graduate and undergraduate levels opportunities to intern at our Taipei office. The internship program reflects CAPRI’s mission and values to build a resilient world and develop the next generation of leaders in the Asia Pacific through our independent, interdisciplinary public policy research in the areas of health, economy, environment, and technology.

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