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Communicating on the Campaign Trail—Prof. Chiaoning Su links her research with her personal story

Prof. Chiaoning Su shares her observations on political communication, disinformation and misinformation, and media in Taiwan’s democracy while drawing on her experiences of growing up in a political family.

Consensus amidst Diversity: Taiwanese Legislators’ Role in Policymaking

This three-part speaker series features legislators from each of Taiwan’s major political parties sharing their experiences in advocating for policies and seeking consensus amidst diverse opinions.

Local Stories, Global Reach: World Reporting from the Asia Pacific with Chris Buckley of the New York Times

New York Times correspondent Mr. Chris Buckley shares his experience working as a journalist in Asia, focusing on “local stories, global reach,” which shares the same values as CAPRI.

Transforming Long-Term Care in an Aging Society: Tatsuoka Group’s Innovative Model

Nobumasa Ohmori shares how his team is improving community-based elderly care in Japan, with a discussion among the guests on how we can extend their methods to help with policy relating to social issues in other Asia-Pacific regions.

How can Asia-Pacific Countries Address Global Health and Climate Change?

In a roundtable discussion, Professor John D. Spengler, Akira Yamaguchi Professor of Environmental Health and Human Habitation, Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health, stresses on the urgency in dealing with climate change, sparking conversations between the leaders and students of various fields.

Human-Centered Design in Public Policy

Joshua Smith, a Visiting Professor at National Chengchi University, talks about the importance of creativity and flexibility to organizations and governments. He emphasized that an innovative mindset is required to truly pursue human-centered design in public policy.

Helping Professionals and Organizations Contribute to Taiwan

CAPRI focuses on the challenges of recruiting international talents. All Hands Taiwan mentioned the cultural differences when it comes to international recruitment, which leads to the discussion about how innovative governance can play a part in solving the issues of immigration policies, cultural barriers, and salary imbalances.

Taiwan’s Defense Strategy and Geopolitical Risks after Nancy Pelosi’s Visit

Following Nancy Pelosi’s visit to Taiwan, which caused tensions in the Asia Pacific, Admiral Chen Yeong-Kang of the ROC Navy (Ret.) discusses defense strategies and how resilience and innovative thinking can help prevent further conflicts in this region.

Building Mental Wellness in the Face of COVID-19

Susan Chen, Counselor Faculty at San Francisco State University, alongside Shawn Hung, CAPRI’s summer intern and a recent graduate of National Cheng Kung University in psychology and neuroscience, discuss about mental health awareness and treatment, focusing on the importance of preventive care rather than quick-fix cures.