Taiwan: Walking the Tightrope between the United States and China

This chapter examines the implications of U.S.-China decoupling for Taiwan’s integration with the Chinese and world economies and explores how this economic fragmentation is shaping the context in which the Taiwanese are determining their island’s future.



Strategic Asia 2023 Launch Event

Prof. Syaru Shirley Lin will be discussing her latest research at the event.

Ongoing Research

Mental wellness and social resilience in the Asia Pacific

This research project investigates the diverse approaches taken by Asia Pacific countries in addressing mental health, examining the multifaceted impact of political, cultural, and socioeconomic factors on the conceptualization of mental health within government policies, healthcare systems, and public perceptions.

Misinformation, disinformation, and vaccine hesitancy in the Asia Pacific

What’s the role of misinformation and disinformation in government? How much will they affect the vaccine implementation efficiency? CAPRI explores the varying experiences of vaccine hesitancy and the role of misinformation and disinformation in shaping government and civil society initiatives within the Asia Pacific region.

Speech & Commentary

Taiwan can lead only if it cultivates world-class talent

In this op-ed, Chair of CAPRI, Syaru Shirley Lin advocates for an inclusive approach that cultivates domestic talent and welcomes international professionals. In a world marked by rapid transformation, how should Taiwan transform into a dynamic and diverse talent pool?

Taiwan: Is it Key to the Continuing World Order?

Taiwan is important to the world because it is an example of good democratic governance, more sustainable business, and improved quality of life that transcend the geopolitical challenges of our day.

Past Publications

Overview: Democracy and Public Health in Asia

December 2022

A CAPRI chapter in the Brookings edited volume Democracy in Asia. Dive deep with expert insights on how Asia-Pacific democracies have harnessed the power of technology and innovation to protect public health during the COVID-19 pandemic while still giving priority to personal privacy.

Resilience in the Asia Pacific: Vaccines and the “Triple Challenge"

October 2021

A research report published by CAPRI, the Asia-Pacific Hub of the Reform for Resilience Commission. See what 15 leading policy-makers and public health experts had to say about drawing the Asia Pacific experience to better manage and prepare for future pandemics.