Current Job Openings

We are seeking an Executive Director committed to objective, interdisciplinary policy research on societal resilience and effective and responsive governance. The Executive Director will play a crucial leadership role in CAPRI, reporting to the Chair and Board of Directors as well as managing a team of highly motivated and globally minded staff to develop and implement CAPRI’s strategic plans. The Executive Director will also identify, initiate, and maintain relationships with donors, academic institutions, private companies, and nongovernmental organizations; shape the center’s international profile; and build its standing in local, regional, and global policy communities. The Executive Director will maintain CAPRI’s existing relationships in Taiwan, as well as in the United States, Europe, and other regions, and identify and evaluate additional partnerships for research, convening, and outreach. The Executive Director must be able to identify the issues that could inform new research projects and creatively design programs and events that highlight the center’s research findings on those issues.

We are seeking a Director of Research able to drive policy impact and promote change in the Asia Pacific through high-quality, interdisciplinary policy research. As the creative force behind CAPRI’s research agenda, the Director of Research leads an international team of research staff to develop and implement the Center’s projects and partnerships. The Director of Research is instrumental in developing the messages and ideas the Center promotes and offering policy solutions to the most pressing challenges the world faces today. CAPRI’s Director of Research will develop CAPRI’s senior fellow program and convening in Taipei, including seminars, workshops, and events that spark discussion and drive impact on best policy practices in the region.

We are seeking Research Associates to undertake high-quality, applied interdisciplinary policy research on the most critical issues facing the Asia Pacific. CAPRI’s Research Associates are part of an international team of highly motivated and globally minded staff who develop and execute the Center’s projects under the leadership of the Director of Research. The Research Associate also works under the Executive Director to coordinate and support the Center’s events as well as cultivate its partnerships with academic institutions, private companies, and nongovernmental organizations throughout the Asia Pacific and the world.

We are seeking a Communications Specialist committed to driving policy impact and interdisciplinary dialogue in the Asia Pacific. The Communications Specialist will join CAPRI’s team of globally-minded individuals to develop the Center’s brand and promote Asia-Pacific perspectives on public policy and governance in new and traditional media, in both English and Chinese. The Specialist will collaborate with the Executive Director and Director of Communications in initiating and maintaining relations with media outlets within and outside Taiwan. The Specialist will also work with the Center’s research team to share its findings and policy recommendations in digital content campaigns and social media. The Specialist will be primarily responsible for tracking digital content and campaigns for CAPRI across social media platforms. As part of this start-up nonprofit, the Specialist will also contribute to project coordination by designing materials for other initiatives according to CAPRI’s brand and target audiences in the Asia Pacific and beyond.

CAPRI is seeking a full-time Communication and Research Editor to draft, review, and revise CAPRI’s public-facing writing in English, ensuring consistency, language quality, and clarity in the organization’s communication and publications.

We’re seeking a Program Assistant committed to objective, interdisciplinary public policy research. We welcome fresh graduates with international views and an interest in public affairs!

CAPRI Internship Program

CAPRI offers students and recent graduates at the graduate and undergraduate levels opportunities to intern at our Taipei office. The internship program reflects CAPRI’s mission and values to build a resilient world and develop the next generation of leaders in the Asia Pacific through our independent, interdisciplinary public policy research in the areas of health, economy, environment, and technology.