CAPRI Engagements

Democratic Capitalism at a Crossroads

Council on Foreign Relations Virtual Roundtable: Debriefing the Taiwan Elections

The closely watched 2024 Taiwan presidential election recently concluded with the winning of Lai Ching-te, current vice president of the ruling Democratic Progressive Party. In the legislature, however, no political party gained a majority.

CAPRI Highlights Challenges to Asia-Pacific Health Systems at Prince Mahidol Award Conference 2024

Taiwan’s Upcoming Elections and Foreign Policy Stakes

Reshaping Economic Interdependence in the Indo-Pacific

Great Power Competition, Economic Fragmentation and the International Global Order|Bruegel Annual Meetings 2023

Syaru Shirley Lin, chair or CAPRI, speaks at the Bruegel Annual Meetings this year, sharing Asia-Pacific perspectives on today's intensified great power competition and fragmented global order.

PHSSR Summary Report Launch Event

Democracy in Asia: Addressing Challenges to Democratic Governance

Prof. Syaru Shirley Lin of CAPRI joined leading experts to discuss the findings of the second phase of the Democracy in Asia project by the Brookings Foreign Policy program.

2022 PHSSR Global Summit: Future-proofing Healthcare Systems through Data and Digitalization

Prof. Syaru Shirley Lin of CAPRI moderated the panel titled "Future-proofing healthcare systems through data and digitalization" with experts and policymakers at the 2022 PHSSR Global Summit. November 22, 2022 12:30-13:30 GMT (London) Online

Future of Healthcare Week Asia: Removing Silos for Success in Health

Prof. Syaru Shirley Lin of CAPRI joined leading experts and policymakers on this panel to share key insights in healthcare policy across Asia.
November 15, 2022
10:25 AM GMT+8 Online/In Person