The Role of National Intelligence in Policymaking: Analyzing Wicked Problems Facing a Divided World

CAPRI 2024 Annual Forum | Changing Currents: Innovation and Transformation for the Asia Pacific

Our second Annual Forum brought together leaders and experts from across the Asia Pacific and beyond, including Gov. James Gilmore and Taiwan’s VP-elect Bi-khim Hsiao as keynote speakers, for insightful and exciting discussions on a plethora of topics: US and Taiwan leadership, economic interdependence, sustainability, health and energy policy, AI, disaster preparedness, resilience, and innovation.

Fostering Talent, Shaping the Future

Are top universities ready to face international competition?

Economic and Democratic Resilience in an Election Year: Taiwan and the United States in 2024

Council on Foreign Relations Virtual Roundtable: Debriefing the Taiwan Elections

The closely watched 2024 Taiwan presidential election recently concluded with the winning of Lai Ching-te, current vice president of the ruling Democratic Progressive Party. In the legislature, however, no political party gained a majority.

Taiwan’s Upcoming Elections and Foreign Policy Stakes

Reshaping Economic Interdependence in the Indo-Pacific

Communicating on the Campaign Trail—Prof. Chiaoning Su links her research with her personal story

Prof. Chiaoning Su shares her observations on political communication, disinformation and misinformation, and media in Taiwan’s democracy while drawing on her experiences of growing up in a political family.

Great Power Competition, Economic Fragmentation and the International Global Order|Bruegel Annual Meetings 2023

Syaru Shirley Lin, chair or CAPRI, speaks at the Bruegel Annual Meetings this year, sharing Asia-Pacific perspectives on today's intensified great power competition and fragmented global order.

Consensus amidst Diversity: Taiwanese Legislators’ Role in Policymaking

This three-part speaker series features legislators from each of Taiwan’s major political parties sharing their experiences in advocating for policies and seeking consensus amidst diverse opinions.