CAPRI Annual Forums

CAPRI 2024 Annual Forum | Changing Currents: Innovation and Transformation for the Asia Pacific

Our second Annual Forum brought together leaders and experts from across the Asia Pacific and beyond, including Gov. James Gilmore and Taiwan’s VP-elect Bi-khim Hsiao as keynote speakers, for insightful and exciting discussions on a plethora of topics: US and Taiwan leadership, economic interdependence, sustainability, health and energy policy, AI, disaster preparedness, resilience, and innovation.

CAPRI 2023 Annual Forum|Asia Pacific: A Resilient Phoenix Rising from the Pandemic

In the 2023 Annual Forum, members from CAPRI’s International Advisory Council and board, key stakeholders in the region’s policy community, and contributors to CAPRI’s ongoing research will discuss pressing challenges to resilience and solutions as the Asia Pacific emerges from the latest crisis and prepares for future ones.