Center for Asia-Pacific Resilience and Innovation leads forum on talent cultivation with Prof. Wei Shyy

Prof. Wei Shy underscores the need for collaboration between universities and society to address the major social challenges of our time.

Universities must work hand in hand with society to address the major social challenges of our time, said Prof. Wei Shyy, member of the Center for Asia-Pacific Resilience and Innovation (CAPRI)’s International Advisory Council and former President of Hong Kong University of Science and Technology. Prof. Shyy spoke in a public forum co-hosted by CAPRI and National Taiwan University (NTU), where CAPRI invited its International Advisory Council Member Daniel M. Tsai and NTU President Wen-chang Chen to discuss with Prof. Shyy how universities can nurture innovative and resilient talent.

Drawing upon his extensive experience in higher education from Taiwan, the US, and Hong Kong, Prof. Shyy discussed the rapid pace of global change and the imperative for universities to be proactive by encouraging curiosity- and mission-driven initiatives.

“We do research because we are curious, but on campuses, we hope we can break down the boundaries between disciplines and resolve social problems,” noted Prof. Shyy.

Following Prof. Shyy’s remarks, Daniel M. Tsai, Chairman of Fubon Group, and NTU President Wen-chang Chen joined Prof. Shyy in a panel discussion moderated by Josephine Chao, President of Epoch Foundation. The panel delved into the resilience of today’s youth and the challenge of developing sustainable talent in Taiwan.

Citing his own experiences of studying abroad, Chairman Tsai emphasized that students should gain international perspectives to become competitive in the global talent marketplace and become effective managers. President Chen advocated for governments, businesses, and universities to jointly cultivate talent with their international counterparts.

In closing, Prof. Shyy noted that resilient talent is created in an environment in which people can work confidently.

“This will require a comprehensive approach among academia, the business community, and think tanks like CAPRI all working together,” said Prof. Shyy.

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