Reform for Resilience Research Report

Building on insights from the Commission’s first summit in November 2020 and an initial call for evidence, the Commission released its Call for Evidence in February 2020.

The Commission Research Report brings together the submissions and sets out a vision for a new definition and conception of resilience, with policies for both resilience by-design and by-intervention, highlighting the need for new investment, models and metrics.

The terms of reference for this Research Report were to bring together the evidence of the Resilience Commission’s regional hubs and research partners to understand what is needed to think differently about current and future resilience.
Based on submissions and research, this paper overviews:

  • A new definition and conception of resilience;
  • Policies for resilience by-design and by-intervention;
  • Emerging lessons about resilience from the pandemic;
  • Challenges and gaps; and
  • The need for new investment, models and metrics.

The Research Report was released in June 2021 together with the Resilience Commission Interim Report, providing Recommendations for the G7, Key Lessons from the pandemic and our work towards building health and economic resilience.