Local Stories, Global Reach: World Reporting from the Asia Pacific with Chris Buckley of the New York Times


March 7, 2023




2F Foundry, NPO Hub Taipei

At the second CAPRI Conversations session of 2023, New York Times correspondent Mr. Chris Buckley shared his experience working as a journalist in the Asia Pacific over the past 30 years. In this highly engaging discussion, Mr. Buckley focused on how the media landscape in the region, especially in China, has changed. He also discussed some best practices when it comes to CAPRI’s own efforts to reach an international audience and convey our mission to populations located all throughout the Asia-Pacific region and the world.

Mr. Buckley detailed some of his own experiences working as a journalist in the region. Drawing on his wealth of experience throughout the Asia Pacific, the theme of the discussion often went back to “local stories, global reach.” Similar to CAPRI’s own mission of enhancing the Asia Pacific’s global reach, Mr. Buckley focused on how journalists can take local contexts into account when writing articles that reach a global audience. The talk was both relevant and important for CAPRI’s work in drawing attention to Asia-Pacific voices, and we much appreciated Mr. Buckley’s expertise in this field.